Tuesday, July 5, 2016

At your service

Kensington Park Library service desks
The library staff is here to help you find library materials and resources. We’ve moved our information services from an enormous desk in the middle of the library to the new, slimmer, shared space for checkouts, library accounts, and information services.

Among the reasons we like the new desk design is that it gives our library customers one place to go to ask for information and readers advisory assistance, as well as to talk with our circulation services staff about library accounts or to checkout materials.

What kind of questions do we get at the information desk? Well, recently we've been asked for help:

    question mark sign over the info desk at KP
  • Identifying a mysterious backyard plant.
  • Suspending holds so they don’t arrive while the customer is away for several weeks.
  • Scanning a document to a thumb drive using our printer/copier, and then attach the document to an email using a library computer
  • Setting up a new tablet in order to be able to borrow e-books and downloadable audiobooks from the library’s collection.
Customers often ask us for reading recommendations too, such as:

  • Audiobooks to share on a long trip with children ages 4, 9 and 13
  • Books for a teen fan of The Hunger Games
  • Lighthearted reads to distract from a difficult family reunion.
  • Authors who are like Lianne Moriarty (or Mo Willems or Rick Riordan or Lee Smith or [name your favorite]
  • Star Wars stories for a 5-year-old Jedi Knight

What questions have you been waiting to ask?