Monday, August 1, 2016

With a little help from our Friends

Red planters at Kensington Park Library entrance
You may have noticed the welcoming look of the new red planters  at the entrance doors to the library. Our Friends of the Library Chapter brought these to us, and we think makes our two sets of front doors look fabulous.

The Friends of the Library, Kensington Park Chapter also made a gift of new seating near the entrance on the library circle side.

Shelving for handouts
The Friends of the Library provided the new public information center shelves for handouts and brochures about non-profit cultural and civic opportunities in our community.
Stair risers with book titles

The risers on our stairs to the lower level have book titles selected by community members, staff and Friends.

In the children's room, new toys and puzzles now encourage young learners to talk and play as well as to read together with their adults. 

Thank you, Friends of the Library, Kensington Park Chapter.

Being a Friend is one of the best ways you can support your local library.
Dollhouse and family Kensington's children's roomAsk us about membership and volunteer opportunities with the Friends of the Library, Kensington Park Chapter or visit

The Kensington Park Library Advisory Committee (an adjunct committee of the Montgomery County Library Board) also welcomes volunteers who can help support the Library in the community. Find out more at